Suhrith Parthasarathy is an independent practitioner of law, living and writing in Chennai. He graduated in law from the National University of Juridical Sciences, and in journalism from Columbia University. He currently practices as an advocate at the Madras High Court.



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  1. Hello Mr Suhrith . i read your article today in the Hindu on “An Anti Constitutional judgment”. it was a sublime piece of reality check to the guardians of the Constitution and basic feature doctrine. bravo on your daring stand . you have brought out the undercurrent of the judgment in a vociferous and uninhibited fashion thanks to the deficiency in logic which the judgment suffers from. Nonetheless it requires courage to speak boldly.

    there is only one point on which i seek your thoughts

    when you say “the verdict’s democratic legitimacy may not be beyond all doubt” , i was not able to pick up the impugn cast by you on keshavananda bharathi.

    Omkar kambi
    Karnataka High Court at bangalore

  2. Keep enlightening. Ur article An abhorrant and unjust device in The hindu is really a very fine piece of writing and analysis. Keep writing. Thanks for enriching my knowledge.

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