Federer achieves perfection

A comment on Roger Federer’s historic 7th Wimbledon title for Critical Twenties, and his return to winning ways after more than 2 years without a grand slam title: http://www.criticaltwenties.in/sport/federer-achieves-perfection

When I watched him through this period, I often wondered what he was doing wrong; maybe Federer himself wondered as much. There was nothing palpably amiss with his game, if his movement had gotten a little less precise, or if he wasn’t as quick as he once was, it certainly wasn’t apparent to the naked eye. But Federer knew he had to reinvent his game—maybe tactically he wasn’t doing what was necessary to overcome the era’s trials. To understand the magnitude of his achievement this past Sunday, we must consider all that has transpired between his defeat to Berdych at Wimbledon till now. The evolution was subtle but definite.

Why Being an Obsessed Soccer Fan Can Make You Really, Really Happy

A piece for The Atlantic in which I endeavor to rationalize distant fandom — why supporting your national team in the Euros can be a very good thing: http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2012/06/why-being-an-obsessed-soccer-fan-can-make-you-really-really-happy/259178/

“Supporting your national team goes beyond the traditional contours of fandom, and in many ways transcends sport. Supporters—both highly identified and weakly identified ones—may only come together for short periods (as is the case during a World Cup or a European championship), but an inherent feeling of nationalism helps them find a strong, common bond.”